Domain Expertise


Technical Services

The U.S. Government contracts for a variety of services and support, ranging from engineering and logistics to business process outsourcing.  We have experience in nearly all areas of this market, including SETA, engineering and R&D, transportation and logistics, security, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), and business services.


Military Platforms

Developing and sustaining military platforms will always be a cornerstone of our defense industrial base.  Our experience spans U.S. and international air, land, sea, and space domains.  Our research and analysis provide insight into customer funding priorities across all levels of the supply chain from OEMs to MRO and mission support.


IT Services

Information Technology (IT) modernization and Cyber Security are critical underpinnings of Government agency missions – whether military or civilian.  Our team has experience in all areas of the IT lifecycle, including managed services, cloud, hardware, software, enterprise architecture and defensive and offensive cyber operations.


Defense Electronics

Defense electronics markets span products delivering cutting-edge technologies to sustainment of legacy systems supporting large fleets of military platforms fielded decades ago.  Our industry experience includes market areas such as satellite communications, ISR, microelectronics, tactical radios, radar, and electronic warfare.



Classified budgets & programs and high barriers to entry present challenges for even the most experienced operators in this market.  Our real-world experience and proven track record span all segments of the Intelligence Community.  We help our clients make informed investment decisions in these growing but opaque markets.


Tactical Products

Demand for tactical products is driven by military fielding programs, sustained federal and local law enforcement requirements, and civilian customers.  Our experience in these broad markets includes CBRNE, weapon systems, night vision, medical, EOD systems, robotics, body armor and other military and law enforcement protective gear.

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