Risk Management

Having worked with hundreds of companies and in multiple U.S. Intelligence agencies, our team has witnessed first-hand the difficulty that organizations face predicting, detecting and preventing threats to customers, employees, property, brand, supply chain, and information technology. Our team helps integrate risk identification, rapid response and continuous improvement into all facets of business operations. We work closely with organizations across multiple industries including Federal Contracting, Commercial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Financial Services, and Hospitality.

Corporate Security Due Diligence

Whether as part of M&A due diligence or as an internal review, we provide a rapid assessment of an organization’s security program and its ability to protect its employees, customers, sensitive information, properties and brand. Our team of experts conducts in-depth reviews of existing security processes, organizational structure, facilities, operating environment, supply chains, partner relationships, insider risks, and information technology.

Corporate Security Integration

Best-in-class security programs are threat-based, forward-leaning, agile, and integrated into all aspects of business planning and operations. We partner with our clients to improve collaboration between security and business operations, ensuring security requirements are embedded in mid- to long-term strategic planning, budgeting, and risk management processes.

Corporate Security Intelligence

An effective intelligence program is critical for helping organizations make informed security decisions and stay ahead of emerging risks and threats. Working closely with our clients, our approach customizes and instills the fundamental principles of national security intelligence in a corporate environment. We evaluate, design, and implement tailored programs that optimize and leverage data collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination as well as feedback and continuous improvement.

Who We Support

  • Companies and investors who require rapid, independent reviews and perspectives on an organization’s security risk profile
  • Organizations needing support pivoting to a threat-based, intelligence-led security approach or evolving existing processes within a changing risk landscape
  • Businesses requiring a comprehensive security and risk management assessment, program design, and implementation support